About document models and metadata

In a modern Enterprise Content Management platform, files are enriched with metadata making it much easier to search, guide and retrieve information from the ECM platform. Metadata can be any kind of information (text, date, numeric, lists …) that specifies the content or the status of the file. In Alfresco, metadata is organized in the following way:

  • A number of document types, each having a particular combination of specific metadata fields, are defined. For example: offer, order, invoice, marketing document, contract …

  • Some metadata fields can appear in multiple document types, for example: customer name

  • Metadata can be mandatory or optional, single value or multi value …

  • Drop down list can be used to provide predefined values for the metadata field

  • Constraints can be defined on the format of the field values

The Fred Trial environment provides a sample document model with a variation of document types and metadata field types and constraints. This trial document model will evolve over time to allow you to experience the capabilities of Fred.