Adding content to and getting content from the server

Uploading fileS

You can simply add any kind of file to the Alfresco repository by dragging and dropping the file from the desktop application onto any folder in the Fred window.

The file will be uploaded into Alfresco. You can drop multiple files at once or multiple single files. While the documents are uploading, you can continue to navigate and work in Fred.

Uploaded documents are listed in the upload pane. Once uploaded, you will need to complete the metadata of the file. In case the document has a general nature, you can use the base document type selected by default.

Based upon the document type selected, a set of metadata fields will appear. According to the rules defined by your organization, some fields might be mandatory and others might be optional. In the case below the document type is a Proposal and the required fields (*) are Proposal Reference and Proposal Status.

At the bottom of the metadata field related to the document type, a list with optional groups of metadata fields is presented. It is for the user to judge if these optional metadata fields are relevant to the document and if it should be added to the document.

  • Click on “Save” to finish the uploading of the file into the Alfresco repository.


  • Mandatory metadata field are indicated with a “*”

  • Metadata fields with format restriction are coloured red when the input does not comply with the restrictions.

  • You will not be able to save the document if the metadata fields with restrictions are not filled in correctly.

Following applications allow drag and drop of content into Fred and are tested and supported by XeniT:

  • Desktop

  • MS Explorer

  • MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010

Other applications might support the dragging and dropping of content as well and could be able to interact with Fred. By checking if the application allows dragging and dropping of a file (including content) into MS Explorer or onto your desktop, you can test the compatibility. Next step is to test the dragging and dropping into Fred.

Uploading folders

One can upload folders from your desktop or explorer by dragging them into Fred. An upload process will start which indicates the number of subfolders and files that need to be/have been uploaded. In this process, the user does not get an indication that metadata needs to be edited to complete the upload process.

Important remark: it is only possible to extend a folder structure while uploading a folder. It is not possible to refresh/update the structure and content from a folder you copied already to Fred.

Adding documents, individually or in group, to an existing folder structure is supported and one can extend the folder structure while dragging a new subfolder structure into Fred.

Compress documents and folders to a container on your local drive

You can select one or multiple documents and/or folders and compress then into a container which will be saved on your local disk.

  • Select the files you want to compress.

  • Right mouse click and select “Compress and Save as”

  • A browser window will pop-up asking you to select the folder and name under which you want to save the container

  • Fred will provide a message “Successfully Saved Compressed Files”

  • The container with the compressed files is available where you have saved it

Selecting a folder will compress all content in the folder, including the sub-folders and its content.