Getting started

  • Click on the XeniT Solutions/Fred command to start up Fred.

  • The Fred icon appears in the task bar and the Fred window is opened.

  • Clicking on the Fred icon will open and close the Fred Window.

  • A right mouse click on the Fred icon pops-up a menu where you can configure the appearance of the Fred application:

  • Show Fred in taskbar: presents a Fred tab in the Windows taskbar

  • Keep Fred on top: this will make the Fred window appear always on top of any application window you make active

  • Restore location: sets the Fred pane back in the bottom right corner

  • Exit: close the application

The Fred window can be resized, moved, minimized, maximized and closed. Closing the Fred application can be done with the Exit command on the Fred icon menu, the exit command in File/Quit and the button.