Handling views

Show columns

In the Browse pane and the Search pane, you can add columns to the view by a right mouse click on one of the existing column headers, selecting “Show Column”. In that list you can select or unselect the field you want to present in the column.

The list of fields is the summary of all metadata fields in all document types defined by your organization. You can modify the width of the column by dragging the edge of the column header. Notice that these modifications are persistent over the Fred sessions.

Show a set of Columns

In the browse and search pane you can change your column view. Fred allows the selection of a predefined or custom defined set of columns.

The predefined column sets are all the document types defined in the Alfresco document model. Selecting one of these document types will show all metadata fields related to this document type in columns.

You can pick the individual columns you want to add in your custom view. This view will be set as the actual view and will be maintained when closing and reopening the repository.

Creating personal views

You can select a specific set of columns and save this view with the “Save current Columns”. You will be prompted to provide a column set name. As from now, this column set will be available under “Saved Column Sets”.

You can remove the custom column set by using the “Delete Column Sets” command.

Sort on columns

Clicking on the column header will sort the files on alphanumeric values within the folder.


The Zoom function provides alternative and extended navigation functionality in a subpart of the folder structure. It is mainly used to provide a different view on the content in for example a project folder.

In a first version, Zoom provides an extra navigation structure based on the Category structure as defined on your Alfresco server.

Select the folder and click on Zoom.

A separate tab will open where the selected folder will become the root folder and the sub folder structure is presented. All navigation and document functionality is available, provided you have the permissions in this sub structure.

The category structure is presented as an additional navigation structure. Selecting a folder will filter the content in the above folder structure and present the list in the Details pane.

In the example below, selecting Commission will present all document of project A which have been tagged with the categories ‘Commissies’, ‘Energie’ and ‘KMO’.

Uploading documents into the Zoom Tab

You can upload documents into a specific folder in the Zoom Tab.

You cannot upload documents when you are navigating in the Category structure as this does not indicate in which folder you want to upload the document.

Virtual views

A Virtual folder is a filtered view on a part of the document repository. It allows to create a virtual folder structure based on filtered views on the repository.

Below is an example of views defined for an invoice approval process. The views are defined in configuration files in the Data dictionary. For each folder, one can define the filter, the folder icon, the columns, …

The ECM technical team can configure Virtual Views.