Taking content off-line

You can take part of your repository off-line. In the off-line mode you will be able to navigate through your off-line structure, view the related metadata and open the documents you have taken off-line.

Selecting the content you want to take off-line

There are two ways you can take folders off-line:

  • Via the menu of the Favourite Folders

  • Via the menu of the folders: when you take off-line a folder in the repository, it is automatically added to your Favourites after the synchronisation has been completed

While synchronising, there is an indication that the process is running.

When completed, the folder is visible under the Favourite Folder and is marked with a .

Refreshing the off-line content

When you are on-line, you can update the off-line content with the newest content available on the server. Fred runs a validation check and only updates the content that has been changed on the server since the previous synchronisation.

Deactivating Off-line sync

If you want deactivate the off-line sync mode, you need to uncheck the ‘Take Off-line’ command in the Favourite folder.

Working in Off-line mode

When you are off-line, you can connect to the local repository via the Bookmarks menu. First make sure to disconnect clicking the File/Disconnect menu. In the list of repositories, right click the bookmark you want to connect to and select Connect Off-Line.

When you are connected you will be able to navigate in the substructure which has been synchronised.
Only part of the menu commands will be available.

You will be able to:

  • Open the documents

  • Copy a document and paste it to your desktop

  • Copy a link to the document and paste the link in another document or an email

  • Export the metadata which was synchronised

  • Print the document to your default printer

  • Zoom into a folder

  • Add a folder to Favourites