Showing 3rd party Alfresco Add-ons in Fred

It is possible to present 3rd party applications which are pre-integrated with Alfresco in the Fred User Interface. The 3rd party application must be installed and configured with Alfresco.

Following applications demonstrate the means to present the 3rd party application in Fred:

PDF Digital Signature application

The relevant command in the file menu will launch the application. The file is sent to the application, and a new tab is opened, providing a view of the document on the 3rd party application.

Annotation tool aRender

Annotations of the documents in a preview mode can be very handy in operational processes.

DWG viewer of Formtek

The Formtek EDM module, enables Alfresco to preview .dwg file. In this example, the dwg previews are shown in the preview pane.

Fred contains a simple and easy interaction methodology with web based 3rd party application using Fred links. This allows you to:

  • add metadata link (requires custom backend module)

  • new search link (requires custom backend module)

  • create template link (requires custom backend module)

  • open browser tab link (with bookmark credentials)

    • opens a web browser tab to website

    • ex: fred://{bookmarkID}/page/url/

Ask your system administrator for more information on how Fred can interact with the application in your working environment.

Local persistent caching

Fred provides persistent local caching of metadata. As you browse the repository, metadata is cached and remains available to obtain a faster navigation and search experience. The cache is refreshed regularly as you navigate and search through the repository. You can, at any time, force a refresh of the cache, by clicking F5 or the Refresh command.