What is new in Fred 3.4

The following functionalities have been added or modified in this release:

Integration with 3rd party applications

  • Simple and easy interaction with web based 3rd party application using Fred links

  • add metadata link (requires custom backend module)

  • new search link (requires custom backend module)

  • create template link (requires custom backend module)

  • open browser tab link (with bookmark credentials)

    • opens a web browser tab to website

    • ex: fred://{bookmarkID}/page/url/www.example.be

Handling files

  • Document template-picker has now 3 options of presentation:

  • Simple (default)

  • Category-based with filter

  • Folder-based with filter


  • Configurable default search fields

Record management

  • Declare a record

  • Navigate the Records Management Site

New components

  • Category picker: a filter was added

  • Authority picker: fields to select user, group or both as a metadata field.

  • Size & mime type of the files can now be displayed in the columns and the metadata-panel


  • Many performance enhancements in multiple areas of the user interface