Reporting a Problem

When a problem occurs, you can report it to your local IT helpdesk or to . The XeniT Alfred Desktop team will be able to assist you more quickly if you are able to provide the following information:

  • A description of your desktop environment: Windows version, application version

  • The Alfred Desktop version

  • A description of the problem

    • A screenshot is very helpful
  • Log files: you can find the log files by “Files/Open settings location”

    • A list of log files appears. Attach the log files fred-logging to your report

To help the user report a problem, a ‘Report A Problem’ command has been added to the Help menu. (Should the content below have a pink background?)

Clicking this command will open your default email application and attach the log files to it. You need to complete the description of the issue before sending it to your local IT desk or the XeniT Alfred Desktop team.