What is New in Alfred Desktop 3.7

The following functionalities have been added or modified in this release:

Feature Description
Workflow 2.0 New web-based Workflow user interface. Focus on tasks to be performed. Vastly improved response and performance compared to Workflow 1.0. Improved filtering capabilities.
Navigation tree expansion Added user setting to let the navigation tree follow the selected folder in the detail pane.
Improved user feedback on long-running actions User actions, like uploading, downloading, deleting and moving content provide progress feedback to the user by means of a progress bar.
Portability of Saved Searches Saved Searches now store node identifiers as QName path instead of the node reference. This allows saved searches to be moved between Alfresco environments (e.g. Testing, Quality, Production).
Improved performance & stability Performance and stability enhancements in multiple user interface areas within Alfred Desktop.