Connecting to Alfresco

The Alfred Desktop Trial Version has a default server configuration. This Alfred Desktop Trial Version cannot be configured for another Alfresco server. The user will have to set the username and password as provided by XeniT.

For completeness of this documentation, we are providing you the functional description below.

Alfred Desktop is a desktop window to the Alfresco Server; that is, Alfred Desktop presents the content of the Alfresco server to the user. To be able to access the server, the user needs to configure the Alfresco repository to which the user wishes to connect.

The Alfred Desktop start-up window contains a list of repositories that have been configured by the user.

  • To add a repository, click on at the bottom of the list.

  • Fill in the fields of the repository you want to configure:

  • Repository name: your preferred identifier for the repository,

  • Repository type: Alfresco

  • Repository URL: the link to the Alfresco repository you want to connect to. Contact your system administrator to receive the link to your Alfresco repository,

  • Authentication:

    • Username/password: where there is no Single Sign-on available, you will need to fill in the username and password to authenticate yourself against the Alfresco server.

    • Negotiate (SSO)

    • Negotiate with credentials

    • NTLM (SSO): use Single Sign-on authentication in a corporate network, and

    • NTLM with Credentials

  • Click Save.

Now this repository will be included in the list of all the repositories you have configured. You can connect to multiple repositories, using multiple account names.

The list of repositories you have configured are sorted alphabetically based on the repository names you have provided.

In the list of repositories, you can select one repository to be the default repository. When you start up Alfred Desktop, it will open the default repository immediately. If no default repository is selected, then Alfred Desktop will open the repository list at start-up.

  • To enter a repository, you need to double click on a repository within the list.

  • When you have previously entered an Alfresco repository, and you want to move to another repository, click File / Disconnect .

  • Click on Edit Bookmark to modify the configuration settings of the bookmark.

  • Click on Delete Bookmark to remove a bookmark from the list

  • Click on Connect Offline when you are not connected to the internet and you want to navigate to the part of your repository that is in the local cache.

  • Connect (Memory-cache Only): this is a technical option which you might use at the request of your help desk.