Enterprise Configuration Capabilities

Alfred Desktop has multiple corporate configuration capabilities. The IT team can adapt the configuration files and modify behavior in the user interface.

Configuration of Metadata Panel

You can define which fields are presented in the Metadata View and Edit panes. You can also define the layout of the fields that are presented. Below is an example of how you can collapse a number of fields that might be less relevant in your day-to-day activities.

Configuration of Context Menus

It is possible to adapt, reorder and extend the context menus in the Alfred Desktop User Interface.

Configuration of Searchable Properties

You can configure the list of fields that are made available in the Search field drop down.

You can also configure which facets are presented in the search results.

Configuration of Metadata Behavior at Creation of Documents

At the creation of a document from a template, a user can determine the behavior of the metadata. For example:

  • metadata will have to be provided afterwards, or

  • metadata will have to be provided before the creation. This metadata can then be used as field values in the document. For example: status of the document (draft, approved), date of the meeting