History of a job

Each job row has a a History field. Clicking this will redirect us to the history of a job.


What we get is an an overview of all executions of this job. For each ‘cycle’, we have some basic information like the files in the input and files that failed.

The filters can be used to hide or show specific ‘cycles’. * The Hide Empty filter, hides all cycles that did not process any files. Hence this will hide all jobs that have zero Nr. of documents. * The Errors Only filter shows only cycles that have failed files.

Overview of a cycle

For clarification: a cycle is one execution of a job.

To get the overview of the last cycle, click on the last run field of a job in the job’s overview.
To get the overview of a specific cycle, search the cycle in the history of the job and click view details.
The cycle overview shows all information related to the cycle.

Overview of the

In the File status tab, we see an overview of all documents that were processed. If a document failed, the error message will appear next to the document.
The Messages tab gives an overview of all information or error messages that are not related to any document. E.g. an error message telling the backend is not available, will appear in this tab.